Rehana Basheer

About our founder

Rehana Basheer is a true visionary and a celebrity fashion designer who has made a significant impact on the fashion industry in India. Her passion for art and design began at a young age, and over the years, she has built a highly coveted clothing label with a distinctive style and a strong clientele.

She is a dreamer and an achiever, who is a self-taught artist and has honed her skills over the years to become one of the most sought-after fashion designers in the south Indian film industry. Her name has become synonymous with fashion design, and her contributions to the industry have been nothing short of remarkable.

Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

From Passion to Success, the Journey of a Renowned Fashion Designer

Rehana Basheer is a renowned fashion designer who has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Her passion for designing clothes began at a very young age, and in 2001, she started designing clothes at a small scale. Driven by her love and passion for creating amazing designs, she aspired to make a mark in the fashion industry with her unique collection. With the support of her friends and family, she went on to become a successful self-made entrepreneur.

Nawabi-Inspired with a Modern Twist

Discover the Intricate Cuts and Dramatic Details That Set Her Apart

Her designs reflect a Nawabi style with a modern touch, setting them apart from the crowd. She plays with intricate designs and cuts, creating a dramatic effect that is both unique and appealing. Her eye for detailing is her unique selling point, and each piece is handcrafted with love and warmth, making her clients fall in love with her intricate designs and bringing smiles to their faces.

Unleashing Colors and Imaginations

Witness the Unconventional Fabric Amalgamations That Bring Elegance to Life

Her love for colors and designs emerged at a young age, as she was a family fashionista with a deep passion for women's wear. She experiments with a plethora of colors and fabrics, using her imagination to create unusual fabric amalgamations that turn into beautiful pieces of art. Rehana refuses to follow rules and dares to bring together two different worlds of grandeur and elegance into her single creation.

From 10 to 50 Designs a Day

Celebrities' Favorite Designer Making a Mark in Fashion and Film Industries"

Over the years, Rehana Basheer has become an expert in designing clothes and now produces at least 30-50 designs a day, up from 10-15 when she started. Her designs are popular among well-known celebrities and industrialists, and she has made her mark in both the fashion and film industries. Today, she is proud to work out of a posh boutique on Harrington Road, supporting 124+ artisans and employees with their livelihood.

Commending Outstanding Contributions to Fashion Design


National Fame Awards - 2023

ET Inspiring women leaders conclave & awards - 2023

Brides of India Show 2020 - Guest of honour

Realistic award 2020 - Business - Fashion Designer

Zingbi Fashion Award - Most desirable Pretline designer - 2018

Vanitha Ratna Awards 2018 - Indywood Vanitha Ratna award for fostering investment opportunities as an Indian woman entrepreneur

Golden Achievement Awards Dubai 5th Edition - 2018

Excellence in fashion industry - 2018

Instaglam Makeovers website & lookbook launch - Guest of honour - 2018

Glam Girl - 2018

Wonder Woman Award - 2018

Femina Super Daughter Award - 2017

Madras Bridal Fashion Show - 2016